2. Field Visit Report


  • Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO)


An assignment was given to us through a group field visit at a shelter for orphaned, abandoned and conflict affected children to write a report. The main purpose of the visit was to learn about the organization, Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO), its goals and objectives, its main activities and also to find out the need of counseling for orphaned, abandoned and conflict affected children.


  • To get an understanding of the theoretical knowledge in practice
  • To gain first hand experience in building counseling skill
  • To develop our report writing skills


Overview of the trip:

Post Graduate Diploma in counseling Psychology (PGDCP) Program, Department of Psychology and Philosophy, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, had organized a field visit on 12th December, 2018 to Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO) located in Bal Mandir, Naxal, Kathmandu.

The visit was organized with prior permission and guidance of Program Coordinator Dr. Govinda S. Upadhyaya and faculty member Dr. Bharati Adhikari.

We reached NCO premises around 10:30 AM. At the very beginning we met Mr. Bal Krishna Dongol, representative of NCO We sat in the induction class there, observed the activities program and asked different questions.

  • About NCO
  • Mission
  • Objective
  • Major efforts
  • Activities to fulfill its objectives
  • Psychological problem found in children of NCO

About NCO:

NCO is a non- governmental organization committed to improving the lives of children in Nepal and helping them succeed. The organization was established in 1964 AD as a non-profit organization by Ratna Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah after her UK visit in 1963 AD. NCO was also popularly known as Bal Mandir which translates to “The Children’s Temple”. NCO is an autonomous, non-governmental, non-profit organization with no political affiliations. It has developed one of the most extensive child care and development programs offered throughout the nation. NCO focuses on child care and education for orphaned, abandoned, and conflict affected children; educational support to children from low income families: and strengthening the capacity of its nationwide network.

The Organization is working towards protecting and promoting the rights of Nepalese children, and providing them with residential care. NCO has a nationwide network of 7 province working committees. NCO has the capacity of around 700 children for shelter. The fund is raised through donation and NCO annually gets 6,000,000 as grant from Nepal Government. Private donation include cash and kind from national and international individuals and organization. Children are also sponsored by a private person or partial sponsorship for the education. Fund is also raised through the lease of land.


NCO’s Mission:

NCO envisions a new future for children where rights of children and dignified life and live hood are assured. Our mission is to protect and promote children’s rights as per the Convention on the Right of the Child by collaborating with individuals and organizations throughout the world to strengthen a nationwide network and enhance the capacity to provide the best available care and support.

NCO’s Objectives:

  • To provide solidarity support with the child right protection activities.
  • To organize child rights activities (awareness, advocacy and campaign) to eliminate all forms of abuse, exploitation, and injustice against the children.
  • To be proactive for the implementation of regional, national and international legal instruments including CRC 1989
  • To secure dignified future of the children at risk by providing them available best care.
  • To create pressure for formulation of law for the best interest of the children.
  • To create pressure for ratification of international conventions relating to children.

Major efforts:

  • Establishing and improving children’s programs throughout the country in all 7 province through district branches.
  • Operating child care centers for the orphaned, abandoned conflict affected and dependent children of prisoners.
  • Assisting orphaned and abandoned children to become competent and productive member of society.
  • Providing quality children care at the children care centers and guidance to the families by conduction early child care kindergarten and toddler’s education program.
  • Training teacher, care mother, and professionals on best practices for working with children.
  • Conducting children rights advocacy programs through training and education.
  • Providing health services, educational support and distribution of nutritional food items to children and low-income families.
  • Implementing activities to promote the participation of children in creative and developmental activities.

Activates to fulfill its objectives:

NCO has been operating the following different programs through its Central and Branch Offices so as to fulfill its objectives.

  1. Children’s Home
  1. Children Home for Orphans
  2. Children Home for Conflict affected
  3. Children Home for Prisoners Dependent
  4. Children’s Home
  5. Number of Children is the subject of change
  6. Standard of Enrolment of Children
  1. Reintegration Program
  2. Child Rights Program
  3. Sponsorship Program
  4. Scholarship Program
  5. Children’s Winter Camp
  6. Skill Development
  1. Knitting
  2. Sewing training

Psychological Problems Found in Children of NCO:

  • Substance abuse
  • Bullying
  • Adjustment problem
  • Sexual harassment
  • Mental health issues

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